4 "Stand-Up for Singapore" National Day Videos: A Retrospective

It’s almost National Day once again.

We thought it might be a good idea to pick the videos about being Singaporean that made us laugh and think a little. After all, we’re a nation of chicken rice eaters, Singlish speakers, and together we march into the sunset.

“Ho Say Lah*!”

 * It means “good” for the Singlish illiterate.

#1 "Jetstar Goes Singlish, Ho Say Lah" 


When: Aug 2016

Views: Facebook: 13.6k Youtube: 19k 

Who: Jetstar Asia

The carrier announced it will goes Singlish for real on 9 Aug this year, particularly on flights in and out of Singapore. So expect to hear in-flight announcements such as "Weather along the way is quite swee, but to be safe, please kiap your seatbelt tight, hor” or “All same price, confirm plus chop.”

It was originally an April’s Fool joke of the airline. The joke was about adopting Singlish as the carrier’s official language. Netizens loved this idea and it took off.

#2 "I Will Not Die For Singapore" 


When: Feb 2016

Views: Youtube: 131.5k | Facebook: 513k

Who: Six Singaporeans headed by television personality and former 987FM radio deejay Divian Nair. It’s part of the We Are Majulah campaign. The video calls on citizens to reflect what it means to be Singaporeans and dives on the concept of Majulah, which is moving forward together.  

Would you die for your country?”

“I will not die for Singapore”

“I will live for Singapore”

#3 "Who Invented Chicken Rice?" 


When: Mar 2015

Views: Youtube: 22.9k 

Who: BBDO Singapore agency for Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (Tiger Beer)

A mockumentary about the history of chicken rice to commemorate the nation and Tiger Beer’s 50th anniversary. It’s also part of Tiger Beer’s Unofficial History of Singapore campaign. It’s a humorous spotlight on the creation of Singapore’s favorite dish, chicken rice, recalling the strangest of time in Singapore where chickens were just everywhere, in the field, and on the street.

As if that was ever a problem.

#4 "Mentos National Night"


When: Aug 2012

Views: Youtube: 648K

Who: Advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty for Mentos Singapore

We have low birth rates. So Singaporeans were asked to make babies on National Night as a way to fulfil their civic duty. We love the suggestive, tongue-in-cheek lyrics such as “Let’s not watch fireworks, let’s make’em instead” and “We gotta go all the way for Singapore”.

What's your best video?

Header's image source: Brian Jeffery Beggerly @ Flickr


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