Download Your Inbound Marketing Workshop Plan

A set of tools and templates that will help you work with your team to develop a game plan 

If you're a B2B marketer, you know that a full proof marketing plan is all you need to achieve success for your business.  

Do you feel like you lack direction when it comes to executing a plan?

Are you unsure which marketing channels will help increase your brands awareness? 

The fault may lie in your marketing plan. 

Fear not, we have the answers to all your worries in our Inbound Marketing Playbook. 

We have created the ultimate Inbound Marketing Workshop Playbook that will give you a step by step plan on how to execute a successful marketing plan for your business. No more directionless plans and playing it by ear! 

Hence this anthology of our best free practices, templates, tools and worksheets that we have perfected over the years is here for you. 


In this Inbound Marketing Workshop Playbook, you will get:
  • The inbound marketing methodology and all it has to offer
  • A guide to mapping your business model 
  • Jobs To Be Done framework to understand exactly what your audience is trying to achieve
  • Personas
  • The buyers journey
  •  Bonus content: our best worksheets, tools and templates